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Ginger Mauney


Ginger Mauney is a writer, filmmaker, and advocate for conservation and community-based tourism with 28 years of experience working in Namibia.  The common thread that runs through all of Ginger’s work is respect for the connections between wildlife, people and the environment.


In tourism and community development, Ginger works with public and private sector partners to share the message of how their partnerships aid social development and conservation.  She spearheads innovative efforts to link communities with corporate entities to protect landscapes and wildlife, develops media campaigns for lodges, revamps websites and has written books on the history and cultural of indigenous groups with the proceeds going support community education projects.


During MCA-Namibia’s highly successful, North American Destination Marketing Campaign, Ginger shared Namibia’s story of linking tourism with conservation and community development with trade, media and participates during road shows to North America and at the 2013 Adventure Travel World Summit, resulting in an increase of North American tourists to Namibia.


As a filmmaker, Ginger’s work includes projects for National Geographic Television, PBS, the BBC and tourism partners.  Collaborating with scientists and indigenous people, her films have shed light on never before seen animal behavior, captured the essence of storytelling in Africa and been screened on more than 40 television networks around the world.


From living with baboons to spending years following a breeding herd of elephants to transitioning to life in Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, through her work as Trustee for Save the Rhino Trust and in community conservation and tourism, Ginger remains connected to the wild world that has given her so much.




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